The Unexpected Benefits of Locum Tenens Jobs


Shortage plagues La Clinica mental health service


“Martinez de Gonzales and Eileen McKeen, CFO of La Clinica, said some good ideas originated from the discussion.”

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CEO of Adaptive Medical Partners Lectures at University of G…


“Scott and the Adaptive team were honored to be part of this program to help mold the next generation of business students at UGA. During the talk Scott shared his experiences as a student while at The University of Georgia, the impact it had on his perspective of entrepreneurship and his approach to business and life. He told his story of how he came to be the co-owner and CEO of Adaptive Medical Partners and how he and his team nurtured a small start-up into one of the best and most innovative physician recruiting companies around. The evidence of the power of this class was palpable not just during the talk but also following the lecture from the students, Professor Pinckney, and the Program Director Kelly Durkin.”

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5 recruiting tips to fight the looming physician shortage

“Build and nurture your pipeline. Create incentives to motivate current employees to refer colleagues to your organization. There needs to be more forward thinking about using talent relationship management,” Bassett said. And look out for candidates who may be available a year or two down the road. “Make sure you’re recruiting in specialties where you can make hires today, even if you’re a couple years out, because those areas will get tight again,” said Bassett.”

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