5 recruiting tips to fight the looming physician shortage

“Build and nurture your pipeline. Create incentives to motivate current employees to refer colleagues to your organization. There needs to be more forward thinking about using talent relationship management,” Bassett said. And look out for candidates who may be available a year or two down the road. “Make sure you’re recruiting in specialties where you can make hires today, even if you’re a couple years out, because those areas will get tight again,” said Bassett.”

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M3 acquires The Medicus Firm


“M3 is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange; it had net sales of ¥30.53 billion (US$255.5 million) in the six months ended Sept. 30, 2015. The 3 “m’s” in its name stand for medicine, media and metamorphosis. Its largest shareholder is Sony Corp. with a 40.1% holding, according to the company’s website.”

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